The application you originally download from our web site runs in demo mode, and let you backup/sync max 40 files (both from the source and the destination folder). In order to unlock this limitation you should buy a license. Once you bought a license, we will shortly email you with your registration data.

If you run FoldersSynchronizer 4.3 or higher, these data consist in a Serial Number & Email you have to enter on the Registration Panel.

If you run FoldersSynchronizer prior versions than 4.3, these data consist in a small text file, named RegistrationFile.txt, that you have to put in a folder together with the application FoldersSynchronizer, as shown here aside. This file turns the demo copy into a full working copy. You don't have to rename nor open nor modify the RegistrationFile.txt file because it contains encrypted data. Leave forever this file as is in the FS folder and your copy will be running as a full working copy, forever. FS will automatically copy the RegistrationFile.txt to the folder

(Home)/Library/Application Support/Softobe/FoldersSynchronizer 4/

so if you accidentally deleted the FoldersSynchronizer folder with the RegistrationFile.txt therein, you can always get a copy from there. In case you lost even this copy, you can always ask us providing any info that could help us to retrieve your purchase (Serial Number, Registrant name, surname and email, Purchase date...).


Register FoldersSynchronizer 4.3 or higher

Register FoldersSynchronizer prior versions than 4.3


If you buy a license for the version 4, you have the right to download and run all the 4.X.X versions we will be releasing along the time. When a new version will be available, simply download it from our web site, and replace the old application FoldersSynchronizer with the new one, without touching the RegistrationFile.txt. We always suggest to delete the old versions to avoid the Finder could launch an old version when double clicking on a FS document file. You can activate the auto-check for updates option on the Preferences panel and get a notification when a new version is available.