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Quickly lay out websites and magazines!

PageMeUp is designed to lay out both hard documents as magazines, flyers, business cards... and to easily create your web site (this web page has been created by PageMeUp). Simply drag, import or paste images and text onto the PageMeUp document, then edit, print and export to PDF or HTML at the resolution you need. PageMeUp manages CMYK and RGB icc color profiles to give the utmost accuracy to your docs. It works with the snap to the boxes, custom guides and margins to let you lay out your pages as quickest as possible.

v. 1.1.0 - Dec 10th 2014 - 2.3MB

OS X 10.8 or higher - MacIntel

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This web page has been created with PageMeUp. PageMeUp lets you create your web site with the utmost freedom. It lets you organize a structure made by folders, html pages and files to download. You can add a link from any image and text box to any of yours html pages, to an external web page, to send an email or to download a file. You can add a link to the text and choose the text link colors (normal, rollover and visited). Furthermore you can easily edit the html page header as the Page Title, Description and Keywords and add html snippet code such a way to embed tables, div and java scripts...

Lay out magazines, flyers, business cards…

Create web sites with folders, pages and files

In a few steps PageMeUp lets you lay out magazines, flyers, business cards to print or export to PDF.

Create a page then define its size and background color.

Drag, paste or import images and text on the page.

Edit the image and text boxes as position, size and rotation, background color, stroke color, opacity, mask, shadow...

Print or export to PDF, PNG, TIF, JPG with any resolution, CMYK or RGB icc color profile, compression and quality.



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