Auto-mount Volumes
FoldersSynchronizer can automatically mount local volumes, disk image volumes and remote volumes before starting any sync/backup session. You cannot add a volume to the "Auto-mount Volume List" manually. FS will do that for you. Whenever you define, either on the Console panel or on the Multiple list, a source or destination folder, FS will add its related volume to the "Auto-mount Volumes List" in order to re-mount that volume later. Currently FS supports "Auto-mount Volumes" feature on afp, webdav ( iDisk ) and smb (PC-Windows) remote volumes, local volumes and disk image volumes. Please let us know other kinds of volume you would like FS manage as well. We will add them.

When defining the source and the destination folders on a given FS session, originally you have to mount your remote volume using the Finder command "Connect To Server", then once you see the remote volume on your desktop, define your source or destination folder on FS. Mounting the remote volume originally using other commands can make FS doesn't recognize that volume later.

You can go to the Auto-mount Volumes panel choosing the same command from the Options menu in order to activate this feature and edit/add some mount volume informations, like the username and password.

Define the volume parameters
For each row of the list you can click on the non-empty cells and edit the mount volume parameters. You cannot edit an empty row of the list. In order to add a volume to the list, simply go to the Console panel or to the Multiple List panel and define a source or destination folder. FS will update the Volume List automatically. You can edit each single volume information clicking on each non-empty row of the list. You will be shown the Set Volume dialog (see picture below) reporting the following informations.

Then press OK to confirm your changes.