Q: I have lost my RegistrationFile.txt. May I have a copy?

A: Yes. You can use our form. Fill with your Serial Number and Email and our system will email you the RegistrationFile.txt. Please note, you can’t use a different email than the one you used when purchasing the product. If you lost your Serial Number or changed email address, please contact us providing your registrant name & email, your serial number, the vendor, and any other detail that can help us to find your order. We will send you a copy of your RegistrationFile.txt. Please note, we process this case manually, so we can’t assure to do that in a few minutes.

Q: Two days ago I purchased a license for FS and I didn't yet receive my RegistrationFile.txt. What should I do?

A: After you pay for a license, our vendor sends you an email confirming the payment has been successfully processed. A few seconds later we will send you an email with the RegistrationFile.txt.
1) If you didn't receive the email from our vendor, it means that your payment has not been accepted for some reason, or they cannot reach your email address (may be you wrote a wrong email address in the order), so please go to the vendor web site and check for you order.
2) If you received the email from our vendor but you didn't receive yet the RegistrationFile.txt from us within 1 hour, most likely we cannot reach your email address from our domain for some (and very rare) technical reason. Or maybe your email box filtered-out our email or rejected it as spam. So, check your junk email box and if you cannot yet find our email, please contact us and provide us an alternative email address (different domain) to send your registration to.

Q: I unzipped and put the RegistrationFile.txt within the FoldersSynchronizer folder, just near the application icon. But it still says that it is an unregistered copy. I didn't modify nor rename the RegistrationFile.txt.

A: Most likely there are more than one copy of FoldersSynchronizer on your disks. So, maybe, you double clicked on some FoldersSynchronizer document file ".fsy", and the Finder launched an unregistered copy, located elsewhere.
1) So, delete any other copy of FoldersSynchronizer from your disks, then launch FoldersSynchronizer double clicking on the application icon.
2) If it is still unregistered, be sure you purchased the right license for the version you are using. If you purchased, say, the license for the versions 2, and you are using a version 3.X.X, the Registration will never work. Check your order in the email ESellerate sent you and verify you bought the license of the version you are using. Also check the email we sent you with the RegistrationFile.txt attached, and verify we sent you the registration of the version you are using. A registration for a version Y is valid for all the versions Y.X.X.

Q: When I launch the program, it says "this beta version has expired". Should I pay again?

A: No, you don't have to pay again. The Beta version expired. Your RegistrationFile.txt didn't expire. We use to time limit our beta releases because they can contain minor bugs. Simply download the latest version of the software then move your RegistrationFile.txt to the new folder. Final releases never expire.

Sync & Backup

Q: FS keeps on copying the same files again and again, even if they didn't change at all. Why?

A: That's a macOS's bug. Go to the FoldersSynchronizer's preferences panel, Copy Mode subpanel and set the Modification Delta Seconds value to 1 or 2 seconds. It will fix the trouble.