Once you have downloaded the application package file from the FoldersSynchronizer page, we suggest to copy the FoldersSynchronizer folder into the /Applications folder on your boot disk. By “FoldersSynchronizer folder” we mean the folder containing the FoldersSynchronizer application, whose name could be "FoldersSynchronizer 4.0" or “FoldersSynchronizer 4.1.2" or other (see picture here aside).

• One copy only
Please be sure you have no other copies (older or newer) of the FoldersSynchronizer application on your disks, because the Finder, when double clicking a FS document, could launch an unregistered application copy located elsewhere. You should delete from your disk the other copies of FS or zip them.

• Registration
When you download the application package from our web site, it comes unregistered, therefore it runs with the limitation of the demo copy. In order to register the program and eliminate the limitations, please take a look at the Registration page.
• Dock
Optionally, open the FS folder and drag the application icon onto your Dock (see picture here aside). This way you will be able to launch FS clicking on the icon in the Dock. You can even drag on the Dock the FS documents you will be saving and then open the document clicking on the document icon in the Dock.